Hi friend,

I just started this blog to tell you guys what happens when things go as not expected!!.

without further addo lets start it!!.

What is Masturbution?

Mostly masturbution is practiced by tennagers and later on life slowly they leave the practice.

Ok thats what mostly people do…XD..some are there who just dont wanna leave it.

Resulting in over masturbution and its bad effects.

(not every people have those effects and person to person those effects changes)

When doing over limit can result in weaking of body and due to which it can result in getting diseases!

All these can be ignorned by having a nice diet.

eating healthy and living good life.

Their are many sideffects of masturbution but if by proper diet those can be overcome!

Side effects are

  • Hairloss :-The most and the worst for a teenager is hairloss!. Hairloss can actually lead to low esteme of yourself. Eating priper diet and excerise is enough. It maybe caused my calcium defiency. Many people say it that masturbution and hairloss arnt related but people who suffer from it know the amount of hairfall they have after masturbuting and not for atleast 1-2 weeks
  • Lack Of Concentration :- This thing can be very irritating for someone with whom u work or for you too. Teenagers going to tuition may find this irritating. Again maintaning good diet might help
  • Memory Loss :- Execessive masturbution might lead to memory loss
  • Stamina :- Yep u read it right!!. People who masturbute everytime lose some of their stamina .
  • Face :-  Excessive masturbution make your face   look dull. Makes u look more sleepy!

After all this i want to say that people who do this habit in excess plz stop this now before its too late.

You wont want your life **#$ up.

Some people wont agree with what i said but thats what i think.

Any comments are welcome!!

  • Eat Fresh!!Live Fresh!!

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