After getting a good response on the first post.I decided to get it more through this one.

Well if you want to check out before post.Here’s the link :- Masturbution / Fapping Habit.

How did you started Masturbution / Fapping because your friend told you it feels good or you saw someone doing it and though of Let’s try it! or maybe saw it on internet.


Maybe you started Masturbution / Fapping when you were 8 maybe 9 or for some they started when they were teenager BUT when did they stop?

For most of them it is the case.They try once and get going with it.

Letting pleasure control yourself.Not mind nor your health.

But when you realise that it’s getting bad, till that time you have made a lot of mistake and JUST want to stop masturbution / Fapping.

Yeah!! I know its hard to stop something you are addicted to!

But leaving it will always give you a good and healthy life.

Let me tell you why you should leave masturbution / Fapping

Here is a small list of things it does to your body when you do over masturbution / Fapping

  • Hairloss :-The most and the worst for a teenager is hairloss!. Hairloss can actually lead to low esteme of yourself. Eating priper diet and excerise is enough. It maybe caused my calcium defiency. Many people say it that masturbution and hairloss arnt related but people who suffer from it know the amount of hairfall they have after masturbuting and not for atleast 1-2 weeks


  • Lack Of Concentration :- This thing can be very irritating for someone with whom u work or for you too. Teenagers going to tuition may find this irritating. Again maintaning good diet might help


  • Memory Loss :- Execessive masturbution might lead to memory loss


  • Stamina :- Yep u read it right!!. People who masturbute everytime lose some of their stamina .


  • Face :-  Excessive masturbution make your face   look dull. Makes u look more sleepy!


Not only masturbution / Fapping have bad effects it also do have good or positive effect like doing it in limit can be health for your body.

Anything done in execess is harmful.

If you are reading this you surely wanna leave that practise for sure.

So here it is…..

  • WILL POWER:- Ok.This is the most important part.

If you cannot feel it from inside then anything you start goes on stoping if cannot concentrate or make you mind just for your goal.

  • Stop watching porn / erotic movies:-Yeah quite hard?

But listen….

Leaving porn has many good thing to it.

  1. It save your relationship from destroying.
  2. The less you watch it the lesser demand goes,so the lesser porn are made,so the lesser people will be forced to work in this industry.


  • EAT HEALTHY:- Yeah it is important!..When you have left masturbution you gonna need a good diet to recover what you have lost.

According to ayurveda sperm is a collection of proteins.

But when the protein that were for different process gets out from the body when you fap leaving other parts in less in protein.

  • EXERCISE:- Daily exercise for half an hour to maake you muscles back where they should have been.

It also helps in reversing premature ejaculation by making you penis muscles strong.


Because you are alone and can’t think of anything except erotic things.

Yeah it happens I know

But keeping yourself busing by doing what you love life your hobby,being more social.


So on end note leaving something make bring you happiness in other people life which in turn will bring in yours.

Any comments are welcome

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